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General Information
Welcome to Doujinshi Recs, a multifandom community for sharing information about your doujinshi collecting experiences. We welcome all genres of doujinshi. This includes yaoi, yuri, het, and gen.

We accept reviews, trading/selling lists, wish lists, and other relevant information such as doujinshi databases, places to buy, translations, ect.

Due to the mature contents of doujinshi, this community will be Friends Only. To view the posts you must:
* Be over 18.
* Join doujinshi_recs
* Have an active account. No watchers or empty journals.

Community Rules
To make this an enjoyable experience for everyone, please:

* Remain on topic.
* Use worksafe icon.
* Standard color and text size.
* Use LJ cut when posting any graphic.
* Follow Posting Format when applicable.

* Post polls, meme's or quizzes.
* Flame other members or engage in character bashing.
* Repost message content anywhere else without that member's permission.
* Directly link to images, otherwise known as hotlinking, on someone else's website. If you need a place to host your scans, we suggest Photobucket, or YSI, Rapidshare, MegaUpload for larger files.

Users who continually violate these rules will be banned.

Posting Format


Please remember that all images need to be place behind a LJ Cut.

<lj-cut text="COMMENT">

<img src="IMAGE HTML">


There's going to be no cap on thumbnails, a limit of 10 full sized images per post and anything other than that has to be put in a zip file for the community to download.

Also, please tag your entries by series. IE Gundam Wing, Saiyuki ect.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in your post being deleted.


The Doujinshi Recs community is not responsible for any transactions made through the community. We also do not own any of the images/character likenesses that are shared in the community.

Your mods, miyukis_4 & cynbaby reserve the right to change the rules of this community without notice.